Tom provides a number of services to enhance your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional and well-being. Read below to get more information about these services, and schedule your appointment with Tom. Contact Us by email or call 903.805.9442 to schedule your appointment in Tyler, TX.

The Klini SoundWave Experience

The ultimate relaxation experience. Everything from a full-day complete session ($250) to a one-hour ($60) experience is available.

  • Relaxtion
  • Overcome problem behaviors
  • Relief from pain

Cognitive Therapies

Focus the power of your mind. Overcome issues that have been problematic and program your own success.

  • Stopping Smoking
  • Weight Control
  • Overcome Fear and Phobias
  • Relief from Anxiety (public speaking, test taking, etc.)
  • Reaching Goals

Regression Therapy

Revisit those times and places in your life that caused you pain or trauma. You can correct those experiences, thereby changing your life for the better now.

  • Improve Self Esteem, overcome Depression
  • Resolve Painful Memories
  • Regain lost memories