About the Klini SoundWave

The Klini SoundWave is the result of years of development, experimentation and refinement. What began as a cumbersome bed is now a unique recliner chair which uses sound, frequency and guided imagery to elicit rapid, effortless and deep relaxation. Combined with hypnotic and meditative techniques, amazing results can be achieved.

What are the benefits?

In deep states of relaxation, the human body benefits from stress relief and anxiety reduction. Research has shown that long-term stress impacts the brain, nervous system and overall health of the individual. Over time, prolonged stress can actually shrink the brain and can result in physical disease, depression and anxiety. Regular relaxation is one important step in regaining and preserving health. In addition, this method helps people overcome problem behaviors and attain their goals.

What should I expect?

Almost everyone will experience a very deep state of relaxation within a short period of time. Clients have reported additional experiences while on the Klini, including dream-like states of consciousness. Problem solving, relief from pain, personal insights and profound spiritual experiences have all been reported.

What have others said about the Klini?

Want to know if the Klini really works? Don’t take our word for it, read these customer comments to see how the Klini has positively impacted people from all over the world.