Tools to support your wellbeing – Body, Mind and Spirit.

KliniSoundWave Ultimate Relaxation Experience.

The Klini SoundWave effectively produces rapid relaxation, pain relief and expanded consciousness experiences. The Klini SoundWave developed by Tom Dodd includes the Klini chair and a collection of music especially selected to produce optimal results. Contact us for ordering details.

Follow these effective and easy movements to improve your energy and health, based on Chi Gong and Tai Chi. Increase your awareness of energy, improve balance and endurance, mood, sleep and much more. Order your copy today.

Body Balance is designed to give you control over your choices to help you reach your perfect weight and fitness goals. Download the MP3 now.

Relaxing instrumental music including special frequencies to clear and strengthen the Chakras and bring them into balance. Deep relaxation promotes resolution of subconscious issues. Download the MP3 now.

Use this guided meditation to overcome and eliminate addictive behaviors and replace them with desired positive ones. Theta wave and frequencies take you to a deep state of relaxation. Download the MP3 now.