Client Comments

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I am so grateful for the Klini. I got out of tremendous pain and regained mobility in my right leg after only one very relaxing session. Also, I slept like a baby for the first time in a long time. – MP

I do lymphatic drainage therapy using a Lymph Star Pro machine. This therapy is approved by the insurance companies for people with Lymphedema. I have a friend who I often do sessions for, and his clavicle lymph nodes are almost always clogged. It will often take 30 – 40 minutes working just on the clavicals to open them so I can continue the session. After receiving my Klini SoundWave, this friend would often do a ride on the Klini. One evening, as he got in the chair, I checked his clavicle nodes, and as usual, they were clogged. After 20 minutes on the chair, I stopped it, and checked the nodes again, they were completely open! After that, I have often checked people both before and after, and the lymphs always open during a Klini Chair ride. I have never found anyone who had sluggish or clogged nodes that did not open during a session. – Faye Henry

It was so relaxing I didn’t want to get up! SM, Palestine, Texas

I just realized that I have cooked dinner all week without eating as I go. Before this program I would eat from the time I got home until I went to bed. It’s amazing! RW, Palestine, Texas

I was sure that it had only been a few minutes, but it had been an hour. I was more relaxed than I can ever remember. SB, Palestine, Texas

It was awesome! I think I was actually floating in the clouds! TP, Palestine, Texas

We’ve had some spectacular results with our Klini SoundWave! Our weight loss clients’ eating habits are changing without thought or conscious effort. Several who had tried many times to quit smoking were tobacco free by the end of the eight week program. Those I hear from remain non-smokers up to 6 months later. Nancy Davenport, N-Lighten Up! Wellness Center (Texas’ first Klini Klinic), Palestine, Texas.

A wonderful doorway to relaxation with applications for stress reduction, anxiety, and drug and alcohol treatments! After only a few minutes in the Klini Sound Wave Chair, I felt my tension and left-brain mind clutter begin to drop away. From my background in psychobiology, I knew what was happening. Between the sound and sequenced vibrations, I was moving into what is called a ultradian resting phase in which the left-side of my brain was giving up control and allowing my intuitive, right-side to take control. For the first time in months, I could sense my communication pathway to my Spirit Guides was opening. This pathway had been blocked by stress and too many left-brain activities. My stress and tension subsided as I let go more into the Klini chair’s wonderful sensations. As the chair encouraged me toward a delta brainwave mode, I felt myself balanced on the edge of slipping deep into a trance-like state. The time quickly passed, to quickly. At the end of the session, I really did not want to move, I was so relaxed. Later in the day, I was approached by one of my workshop participants who had trouble moving into altered states of consciousness. I knew as he spoke, I had been shown the answer to his difficulty too, and recommended his going an visiting this wonderful chair too. Darrell G. Yardley, PhD, LPC, NCC

I love this chair! I can come home from work feeling stressed out and 15 – 30 minutes in the Klini and I really feel a difference! – Beth Erbe

When we experienced “the chair”, its enhancement of our behavior modification and stress relief efforts was immediately obvious. We look forward to our clients benefiting from its use. Jan and Ted Thedford, Denton, TX

When I first heard about the Klini chair from a good friend of mine I really didn’t comprehend what he was communicating to me. He just told me that it was very relaxing and had helped relieve a back problem that he was having. He also told me that he would love to have one of these at his home. And I think he plans to do so. Several months passed and I had the occasion to be near my friend’s place and was introduced to Thomas Dodd who has designed this chair that I was told about. After speaking with Tom for a brief time about the chair, he invited me to come to the Synergy Center and take the Journey in the Klini chair. I did. Shortly after my arrival, Tom took me to the room where the chair was located and got me set up, said enjoy your journey, and left the room. What was about to take place was the furtherest thing from what I had even imagined. I proceeded to do my 20 breaths exercise immediately after Tom left the room. Shortly after that exercise, I experienced a state of relaxation that was far beyond any that I normally achieve in my current environment. From this point on, while in the Klini chair, my awareness increased beyond what I’ve ever dreamed. It is my most sincere recommendation to anyone to definitely experience this awesome Klini Chair Journey. David J., Corpus Christi, Texas

I find it very rewarding every time I use the Klini. I am finding that it takes me less and less time to go right into a deep state of relaxation. I have also been able to duplicate the experience just listening to the tape when I go to bed. As my body relaxes into deeper states I start to loose the sensation of my body in space. I usually feel like a calm deep pool of water with no boundaries. With that I also feel the total elimination of pain within my body and I can let go of all the stress in my mind. J. Granger, Canada

I have had low back pain for the past couple of years. My medical doctor and chiropractor had no success in treating it. After using the Klini, my back felt better. This improvement continued for the next few days until my back felt much better. I also noticed a change in the color of my urine. I feel the stress in my life had caused so much tension that my organs had shut down to some extent. Once this tension was released, my organs released the toxins they were holding and my back pain was relieved. This has continued for some months now. R. Thenhaus, Michigan

The Klini was deeply relaxing. BL, Louisiana

The overall experience was well worth the time and effort it took to get here, very relaxing, the knowledge gained was very interesting and helpful. MS, Georgia

I have found relief from back pain — with just a short time on the Klini. JS, Texas

I would welcome any change to go back and have this experience again, it was so relaxing. Ronnie Wright, Wisconsin

The Klini experience was so much more than I could have dreamed – it was the finest moment I have experienced so far in this lifetime….very profound. CH, Texas